Importance of early detection and the ‘Beyond the Shock’ programme

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Published: 6 Jul 2012
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Dr Douglas Feil – National Breast Cancer Foundation, USA

Dr Douglas Feil talks to ecancer at the 2012 WIN Symposium, Paris, about the start of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and it's ‘Beyond the Shock’ network.


The National Breast Cancer Foundation, founded by a breast cancer survivor in the 1980’s, provides mammograms and educational material on all aspects of breast cancer. With WIN, the foundation aims to reach out globally with their resources and programmes.


‘Beyond the Shock’, an online community for women with breast cancer, is an educational portal where women can find out about the specifics of breast cancer from doctors and researchers. ‘Beyond the Shock’ creates a social network where patients can talk openly to one another about the disease and treatment options.


Filming Supported by Amgen