HER2DX assay and survival outcomes: An individual-patient level meta-analysis of 2,031 patients with HER2-positive BC

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Published: 21 May 2024
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Dr Guillermo Villacampa - Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), Barcelona, Spain

Dr Guillermo Villacampa speaks to ecancer about a study he presented at the ESMO Breast 2024 meeting on an an individual-patient level meta-analysis of patients with HER2-positive breast cancer which evaluated the association between HER2DX assay and survival outcomes.

He explains that his team combined cohorts such as randomised clinical trials, single-arm studies and observational studies in the adjuvant and neo-adjuvant setting with a primary endpoint of event-free survival.

Dr Villacampa reports that out of the 2031 patients the 6-years EFS was 93% for those identified as HER2DX low-risk and 82.9% for those at HER2DX high-risk.