The impact of SEABCS 2023

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Published: 4 Sep 2023
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Dr Heather White - Executive Director, TogetHER for Health

Dr Heather White speaks to ecancer at The Southeast Asian Breast Cancer Symposium (SEABCS) 2023 about the impact of this meeting.

SEABCS 2023 is a gathering of the region’s cancer survivors, patient advocates, health professionals, researchers, and policy makers in an event to exchange ideas, share successful strategies, the latest in breast cancer, as well as the many challenges that face the breast cancer community on a personal, local, national, regional and international level. 

Dr White highlights that the meeting is a great opportunity for sharing ideas and discussing the challenges that occur across the region.

Carolyn Taylor and her colleagues and really everybody who has obviously shepherded this meeting since 2016 and through the pandemic and bringing it back together. It’s obvious that this is a prime opportunity to share ideas, to share what’s working, to be vocal about challenges across the region and say, ‘How can we learn from our neighbours and partners?’ Especially with challenges that may be particular to this region and these country contexts.

I have to say, when we work in cervical cancer, very often we’re working in Sub-Saharan Africa or Latin America, places that probably get more global funding per capita than anything that we see here in Asia. So this is such an interesting amalgamation of economies and skills and so forth that it presents a really unique opportunity to come together and share and exchange ideas and strategies.