The enhancing oncology model and other value-based propositions

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Published: 8 Jul 2023
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Dr Kelly King - Memorial Healthcare System, Florida, USA

Dr Kelly King speaks to ecancer about the enhancing oncology model and other value-based propositions. She explains that the enhancing oncology model is a value-based cancer care model and also talks about other value-based care models. 

Dr King says that at the Memorial Cancer Institute, there are several programmes that are patient-centred and provide complete support services like navigation, dietician support services and spiritual care.

She further explains why these programmes are important and talks about all the support patients and their families receive throughout their cancer journey at her institute.

Could you elaborate on the studies presented?

The CMS has recently launched the enhancing oncology model. This is a value-based care model, it’s their second value-based care model that they’ve put out. We are also discussing the Oncology Medical Home through ASCO and COA partnership, both value-based care models that are looking at the outcomes and value of cancer care.

What sets Memorial Cancer Institute apart from other cancer treatment centres in terms of patient-centered care?

We are very community driven; our vision is aligned with our community and what the needs of our community are. Many of our programs are patient centered and focussed and we have a full service of support services including navigation, dietician support services, spiritual care, all complementary to our patients. We also include services such as integrative medicine, survivorship. These are all on top of your clinical treatment for your cancers and really encompass the whole experience for the patient.

In what ways does Memorial Cancer Institute support patients and their families throughout their cancer journey, beyond medical treatment?

That goes along with our vision and our mission for the Memorial Cancer Institute. It’s very aligned with what the community needs are. We involve patients in the development of all of our programs and have a whole council to have their input on services that we want to provide and things that we want to do so that the patients are driving what we are offering. That’s what really sets us apart.