Cancer Care in Older Adults and Special Population

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Published: 20 Apr 2023
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Dr Don Dizon - Rhode Island Hospital, Rhode Island, USA

Dr Don Dizon presents his talk at Choosing Wisely Philippines 2023 about cancer care in older adults and special populations. He specialises his talk on three key issues: the global burden of cancer, the disparities in special populations, in particular looking at sexual and gender minoritised (SGM) communities as well as discussing equity in cancer care.

He begins by exploring older people may not be treated according to standard of care and this may be due to clinical trials often excluding them based on performance stats, medication, co-morbidties and baseline organ dysfunction. He expands further.

Dr Dizon continues his talk by explaining the SGM communities that face hostilities in cancer care, highlighting the LGBTQ and transgender community.

He concludes by looking at equity in cancer and quotes that ‘striving for equity serves as the foundation for diversity and inclusion’.