Optimising breast cancer treatments with AI

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Published: 31 Jan 2023
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Prof Roberto Orecchia - University of Milan, Milan, Italy

Prof Roberto Orecchia speaks to ecancer about his talk on optimising breast cancer treatments with AI at the BGICC 2023.

Using AI in the existing breast cancer screening process makes obtaining results easier and more convenient. Artificial Intelligence is able to collect, store and analyse data that is otherwise difficult to examine by an individual.

The use of AI and the predictive model allows healthcare professionals to use and select the best option for patients.

Now we are moving in the era of precision oncology and precision radiation therapy too. This means that some paradigms are changing very fast. One of the most important research today is how to optimise radiation treatment using artificial intelligence, basic and more evolved systems like machine learning, deep learning etc. Artificial intelligence will change our approach to treatment because it’s able to store, to collect and to analyse a lot of data that is absolutely impossible to examine by individuals. 

For this reason, putting all together this data – clinical data, omics data, genomic data, imaging data – we will be able to predict the outcomes of patients and this is very useful for the future in order to properly select patients for different techniques. One of the aspects, for example, is the use of particle therapy – proton and carbon ion. Currently we don’t know exactly what is the proper indication for this type of therapy; artificial intelligence and predictive models will help us in order to select the best and to offer the patients the best and proper option for their cure.