The 2022 OncoAlert Colloquium Day 6: EONS Sessions

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Published: 31 Jan 2023
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Dr Gilberto Morgan - Skåne University Hospital in Lund, Sweden

Dr Gilberto Morgan introduces the final day (28th January) of the 2022 OncoAlert Colloquium.

Day six of the Colloquium focuses on the EONS sessions and an ESO session and hosts the following key speakers:

Dr Virpi Sulosaari (President Elect EONS).

Dr Merel Van Klinken (University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands).

Dr Nicolina Dodlek (University Hospital Center Osijek, Osijek, Croatia).

Continuing with the ESO Session: 'Education and improving outcomes' by Dr Alexander Eniu & Dr Maha AlSendi (ESO Europe).

Ending with Dr Nicole Kuderer (Advanced Cancer Research) presenting on 'Covid and Cancer'.