Latest in lung cancer genomic testing

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Published: 26 Jan 2023
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Prof Sanjay Popat - The Royal Marsden, London, UK

Prof Sanjay Popat speaks to ecancer about the latest in lung cancer genomic testing.

He discusses in depth the diagnosis, staging, tumour DNA sequencing and driver genes in lung cancer.

He also explains biomarkers that can define the treatment for advanced NSCLC. Tissue and ctDNA NGS play a major role in target identification and the definition of resistance mechanism.

Understanding genomic technologies and the language of genomics must be understood to allocate appropriate therapies.

Prof Popat explores the implementation of the Genomic Tumour Advisory Board and summarises a formalised method to review variants in context and educate both physicians and genetic scientists.

This series of lectures is funded by an educational grant from Exact Sciences. There is no influence over content.