The Max foundation: Its mission and contribution to increasing access to cancer medicine

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Published: 6 Oct 2022
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Prof Richard Sullivan and Pat Garcia-Gonzalez

Prof Richard Sullivan (Kings College London, London) and Pat Garcia-Gonzalez (Chief Executive Officer at The Max Foundation) discuss the Max foundation and its contribution to increasing access to cancer medicine across the world.

Prof Sullivan says that Ms Garcia-Gonzalez has been doing excellent work for chronic myeloid leukaemia patients and for increasing access to essential cancer medicine.

Ms Garcia-Gonzalez talks about the Max foundation which was established 25 years ago and its core mission is people helping people who need access to essential medicine urgently.

The goal of the foundation is to accelerate health equity and deliver medicine, technology and health services to areas where access to such treatment and healthcare is scarce. She talks about the major challenges to the accessibility of essential cancer treatment in different parts of the world.

She then discusses the models that the foundation has used to improve access and delivery. She further expands on how scaleable these models are and what are the future plans for the foundation.