Pursuing global equity in access to cancer drugs lessons learned from the HIV epidemic

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Published: 6 Oct 2022
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Prof Richard Sullivan and Dr Megan O’Brien

Prof Richard Sullivan (Kings College London, London, UK) and Dr Megan O’Brien (Vice President, Global Cancer Treatment) discuss the American cancer society and its role in increasing access to cancer medicines in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr O'Brien talks about the aims and objectives of the ACS and the guidelines for increasing access to essential cancer care in the parts of the world that need it.

She explains the barriers to receiving appropriate and high-quality cancer treatment in Sub-Saharan Africa and other LMICs. Dr O'Brien points out that there is a lack of standard clinical guidelines for treating cancer.

She further expands on how this happens and what are the solutions for overcoming these barriers. Some main features of cancer care are also discussed.

Dr O'Brien then moves towards discussing the current progress after these aforementioned solutions and guidelines were introduced in sub-Saharan Africa. Integration of pathology and radiology to increase key access to cancer care and its current status in sub-Saharan Africa is important.

They conclude by talking about what will be the major challenges in the future regarding increasing access to essential cancer care.