Lung cancer immunotherapy adjuvant and neoadjuvant indications

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Published: 8 Jul 2022
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Dr. Luis Raez - Memorial Healthcare System, Florida, USA

Dr. Luis Raez speaks to ecancer on the data presented at the ASCO Direct Highlights 2022 on adjuvant and neoadjuvant immunotherapy in lung cancer.

Adjuvant immunotherapy was FDA approved last year, with this year being the first for new adjuvant chemoimmunotherapy.

At the previous ASCO, more information was found supporting the two approvals. The first being the new adjuvant immunotherapy.

One study, Checkmate A16 showed a series of three cycles of chemo with immunotherapy as a standard of care. There is a good complete response and response rate.

At this ASCO, there is a second study to support these findings. Results show a 6% to 30% describe in tumour growth.