Novel COVID-19 vaccine for B-cell deficient patients

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Published: 12 Apr 2022
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Prof Juliane Walz - University Hospital Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany

Prof Juliane Walz speaks to ecancer in an online interview as part of the AACR 2022 meeting about a novel COVID-19 vaccine for B-cell deficient patients, referred to as CoVac-1.

She starts by providing some background to the threat posed by COVID-19 for immune-compromised cancer patients, before detailing the study so far.

Prof Walz goes on to summarise the interim safety and immunogenicity results from the Phase I study. Looking forward, she explains that they are currently preparing for a Phase III clinical trial to evaluate the vaccine in a larger population, and closes by discussing her hopes that this vaccine will be available for cancer patients in the near future.