Empathy in cancer care

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Published: 13 Jan 2022
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Dr Soumitra Shankar Datta - Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata, India

Dr Soumitra Shankar Datta talks about how modern medicine is perceived to be disconnected from human suffering whereas art can capture emotions and feelings of the suffering.

He believes that art and medicine have a complementary role to play as it can highlight the needs, fears and desires of a cancer patient. It can create empathy between the carer and the patient. Through this, patient perspectives can be highlighted.

Dr Datta mentions the impact of the exhibition "The only journey is the one within", on the audience. In this video, Dr Joydeep Ghosh, Mr Moni Shankar Karmakar and Mr Dilip Goswami also share their impressions of this exhibition and the message they took home from it.