Managing high-risk/MRD positive and standard-risk/MRD myeloma

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Published: 29 Oct 2021
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Dr Stefania Oliva - GIMEMA, European Myeloma Network, Italy

Dr Stefania Oliva speaks to ecancer about managing high-risk/MRD positive and standard-risk/MRD myeloma. Initially, she talks about the treatment risks for patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma versus high-risk myeloma patients.

She mentions several risk factors for myeloma patients. Dr Oliva says ESMO guidelines can be used to help make clinical decisions, particularly for transplant-ineligible patients. She further discusses the role of MRD in decision making.

Dr Oliva mentions some trials regarding the treatment of high-risk and low-risk patients. She concludes, by saying that for high-risk settings more trials are required to find a better low-risk treatment.

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