AORTIC 2021: Goals of AORTIC

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Published: 21 Oct 2021
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Dr Verna Vanderpuye - AORTIC 2021 Programme Director, Ghana

Dr Verna Vanderpuye talks to ecancer ahead of the upcoming virtual AORTIC 2021 meeting.

Dr Vanderpuye begins by explaining the theme of this year's conference; Cancer in Africa: Approaches, Collaborations and Impact.

Approaches, because the approach to cancer in different parts of the world has to be tailored to available resources and tackling the problems that might arise whilst also being culturally sensitive. Collaborations, because it's only thanks to the people and organisations that have collaborated with AORTIC that they have come as far as they have since being founded in 1983. Impact, to showcase what AORTIC has done to improve cancer care on the continent from research to training.

She then goes on to mention that a lot of people are surprised by the research and achievements that come out of Africa, and now is the time to showcase what Africa can really contribute. Dr Vanderpuye believes that due to the resource restrictions that clinicians in Africa face, they have to be more careful in making the right choices for their patients, in order to not create financial toxicity or bankruptcy, as the ripple effect is larger in Africa.

Dr Vanderpuye concludes by talking about what will be different this year at AORTIC 2021 compared to previous years and mentions a few topics that will be covered, such as:

- Lung Cancer
- Artificial Intelligence
- Imaging
- Faculty Development
- Targeted Therapies
- Disparities
- COVID-19
- Drug Access
- Treatment Toxicities
- Genomics
- Quality of Cancer Care

AORTIC 2021 will take place virtually from the 5th-10th of November, 2021.
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