Cancer Health Disparities Special Issue - Editorial

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Published: 14 Oct 2021
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Prof Folakemi Odedina - University of Florida, Tampa, USA

Prof Folakemi Odedina talks to ecancer about several articles covering health disparities in cancer in this special issue.

She begins by discussing the spectrum of cancer health disparities especially within the black population. She mentions factors at the individual's level, the health system's level and the provider's level.

Prof Odedina then goes on to explain how things might be improved, touching upon aspects such as lifestyle and socioeconomic factors, living and working conditions, as well as social/community, cultural and environmental factors.

She concludes by addressing an area where there is continuing struggle, and that is the ability to partner with black communities and the black population in the U.S. and around the world, with respect to participation in research and clinical trials.

She states that the only way cancer disparities can be addressed is through evidence based research that is tailored to the black population, which is not possible without a critical number of that population being involved in the research that is carried out.

Read the full special issue here on ecancermedicalscience.