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Every month ecancer supports tens of thousands of medical professionals from around the world to learn new skills, update their knowledge and improve the care for their patients with cancer. was founded in 2007 by two inspirational oncologists Prof Gordon McVie and Prof Umberto Veronesi who shared a mission to raise the standards of patient care globally through education. 

ecancer is funded by educational grants, sponsorship, government funding and charitable donations.

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  • -Submit your next article to ecancermedicalscience, our peer reviewed open access journal
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  • -Sponsor an e-learning module. Sponsors can support existing modules or suggest a topic for a new module in an area of practice not already covered. All potential modules are reviewed by the ecancer editorial board to ensure all new content addresses a real educational need. ecancer maintains full editorial control of education content.
  • -Support a sponsored supplement or themed issue for the journal

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ecancer is registered as a charity in the UK (Charity Number: 1176307).

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