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Cancer control in Africa

24 Jul 2019

Guest editors: Twalib Ngoma, Alina Macacu and Peter Boyle

This special issue highlights some of the major problems currently being faced by the oncology community in Africa.  The 16 articles, written by international experts as well as authors from multiple African countries, describe the struggle to cope with the current situation and call for radical change in order to deal with the future flood of patients with cancer in Africa.

The articles outline how to best make rapid progress for the future, which will require exceptional funding and coordinated and sustainable investment in human capital, and in infrastructure as well as significant financial investment.

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Watch Guest Editor Prof Twalib Ngoma discuss the topics included in this special issue.

Special Issue Articles

Peter Boyle, Twalib Ngoma, Richard Sullivan, Otis Brawley
Pierre Hainaut, Amina Amadou, Emmanuelle Gormally