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Dr Achille Manirakiza

King Faisal Hospital, Kigali, Rwanda

Dr Achille Manirakiza

Dr Manirakiza is a Clinical Oncologist, leading the Oncology Unit at the King Faisal Hospital, in Kigali, Rwanda. His research work has been focusing on gynecological malignancies treatment outcomes in Low Income Countries, contributing to knowledge in the global cancer treatment access movement, and medical/oncology education in general.

Dr Manirakiza has developed a great interest in cancer genetics, particularly related with genital-urinary malignancies, with special interest in castrate-resistant prostate cancer, the correlation between prostate cancer genetics and its incidence and treatment outcomes in Rwanda.

He is a recipient of various study and fellowship grants, including the UICC Technical Fellowship grant, the 2016 Dana Farber Cancer Institute GLOBE program award, the 2017 African Cancer Leadership Institute, and the 2018 Massachusetts General Hospital POETIC grant award.

Dr Manirakiza is currently conducting multiple funded studies in the field of prostate cancer genetics and treatment.