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Professor M Tezer Kutluk

Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey

Professor Kutluk graduated from Hacettepe University Medical School Ankara-Turkey in third rank among graduates in 1981. Postdoctoral fellow and Fulbright scholar at MD Anderson Cancer Center USA (1992-94). Member of SIOP, ASCO, AACR, AAP, International Children’s Center, UNICEF National Committee. He had served as a leading healthcare executive at Hacettepe University; Vice-Director of Children’s Hospital (1997-1998), the Director of Oncology Hospital (1999-2007), Director of Children’s Hospital (2000-2007) and President of Institute of Child Health (2000-2004), President of Institute of Oncology (2004-2008), Board Member of Institute for Health Sciences (2000-2007), Member of Senate (2000-2011) & CEO of Hacettepe University Hospitals (2008-2011). He has 184 publications in peer reviewed international scientific journals and more than 2000 citations in international medical Journals and numerous abstracts at international meetings.

Professor Kutluk also has vast experience in NGO management; “UICC-International Union for Cancer Control - Board Member – Geneva - Switzerland (2008 - 2012)” “President of Turkish Association for Cancer Research and Control, Ankara-Turkey (2004-2012)”, “President of European Cancer Leagues-ECL – Brussels-Belgium (2009-2011)”, “President of Turkish National Pediatric Society (2009-2012)”, “President of Turkish Pediatric Oncology Group (2011-2013)”. Chair of Turkish UNICEF national committee (2014-2018) His experience in healthcare management during the last 15 years saw him appointed CEO of Hacettepe University Hospitals between 2008-2011. He was named as honorary fellow of by American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP) in May 2014. He was the President of “UICC, Union for International Cancer Control, Geneva-Switzerland” for the term of 2014-2016. He was also the NCD Alliance Board Member (Geneva-Switzerland) in 2017-2019 

He was invited to give a 10 minute speech at the opening session on United Nations General Assembly for high level review of non-communicable disease in July 2014 to speak on behalf of civil society. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Global Oncology published by ASCO. His main interests are global oncology, pediatric oncology, global health, health care management.