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Cheryl Cruwys

Breast Density Matters UK

Cheryl Cruwys is a breast density advocate and educator. In 2016, following her breast cancer diagnosis (with a positive health outcome due to supplemental screening on dense breast tissue, standard in France), Cheryl formed Breast Density Matters UK. The mission, to raise awareness and educate health professionals and patients about the implications of breast density; she leads the UK Breast Density Education Effort. She joined educational resource, DenseBreast-info.org (New York), in February 2018, as website content was expanding to include European-specific content. She is DB-I's European Education Coordinator and liaises with international breast radiologists. In March 2019, she was invited to be a member of the European Society of Radiology's Patient Advisory Group which develops patient-focused initiatives. Prior to becoming a breast density advocate, she was a retired French teacher and now divides her time between these voluntary roles.