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Dr Verna Vanderpuye

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra, Ghana

Dr Verna Vanderpuye

A trained radiation and medical oncology physician with over 20 years of experience in treating cancer patients, training young physicians, nurses and other allied health workers and research into cancer in Africa Dr Vanderpuye currently practices at the National Center for Radiotherapy, Oncology and Nuclear Medicine, at the Korlebu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana. 

Her special interest areas are female cancers, palliative care, genitourinary and gastrointestinal and combination chemo radiation. She is an active member of various international cancer organizations and has served on committees which influence care and research including the World Health Organization, American Society of Clinical Oncology, European Society of Clinical Oncology and the African Organization for Research and Treatment in Cancer, for which she is  currently the secretary treasurer.

Dr Vanderpuye works to improve delivery of academic content to African practitioners and researchers on the continent and is helping to move forward the agenda of implementation research. She has authored or co-authored forty peer reviewed journal articles and ten text book chapters which highlight the challenges of cancer care in Africa and has consulted on 5 technical documents and reports.