Case Report

Child with temporal lobe hamartoma: A to Z images and a case report

16 Jun 2014
José Liders Burgos Zuleta, Roger Carillo Mezo, Eduardo Perusquia Ortega, Beatriz Luna Barrón, Rubén Conde Espinosa, Diana P Marín Muentes, Julián Sánchez Cortázar, María de Guadalupe Gómez Pérez, José Alvaro Burgos Zuleta, José Andres Burgos Zuleta

Gelastic seizure was first described by Trousseau in 1877 and comes from the Greek word gelos (laughs), as laughter is the main feature [1]. Normal laughter is a reactive emotional behaviour and motor action that involves the limbic system, hypothalamus, temporal cortex, and several regions of the brainstem. A female patient, six years old, left-handed, with gelastic seizures, uncontrolled despite being treated with two antiepileptic drugs at high doses, was treated. A simple axial tomography was done, where a hypodense lesion that shapes the inner table of the skull temporal level was observed; later, magnetic resonance imaging was requested, better characterising an intraxial lesion in the right second temporal gyrus cystic appearance.

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