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Clinical Study

Dabrafenib in metastatic melanoma: a monocentric ‘real life’ experience

Dabrafenib is a potent BRAF-kinase inhibitor. Its activity was evaluated on 40 consecutive metastatic melanoma patients (pts) harboring the V600BRAF mutations. Dabrafenib was administered orally at the dosage of 150 mg b.i.d. daily. ORR was 82%, with 7% CR, 62% PR, 13% SD and 18% PD. The median PFS and OS were seven and 17 months, respectively (median follow-up: 8.5 months). Increased risk of progression was found in pts with elevated LDH, ECOG PS >1 and more than two metastatic sites. Grade 3–4 adverse events were recorded in 4 pts. In this retrospective analysis, Dabrafenib confirmed its role as the standard clinical option in metastatic melanoma pts.

Keywords: metastatic melanoma, Dabrafenib, BRAF V600 mutation, target therapy


Melanoma & skin

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