Drug combination shows promise in treatment-resistant advanced ovarian cancer

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Published: 24 Sep 2021
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Dr Susana Banerjee - The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK

Dr Susana Banerjee talks to ecancer about the phase I FRAME study looking at combination of the dual RAF/MEK inhibitor VS-6766 and the FAK inhibitor defactinib: Results of efficacy in low grade serous ovarian cancer.

Dr Banerjee begins by giving background to the study, explaining that low-grade serous ovarian cancer (LGSOC) is a rare subtype off ovarian cancer accounting for up to 5%-10% of serious carcinomas. However the problem is that the response rates to conventional systemic therapy are too low.

She then goes on to say in the LGSOC cohort of the FRAME study the confirmed response rate in all patients with LGSOC was 46%. In patients with a KRAS mutation in the tumour the response rate was 64%.

Dr Banerjee concludes by talking about what is next for the study. She says based on the academic sponsored phase I FRAME study they now have a registration directed phase II trial called RAMP 201 which is underway and currently recruiting in the US and UK, and about to open in other countries in Europe.