Which factors impact viewer satisfaction in educational videos?

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Published: 15 Apr 2021
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Danny Burke and Dr Eva Hofstädter-Thalmann

Danny Burke (CEO, ecancer) and Dr Eva Hofstädter-Thalmann (Head Medical Education Scientific Relations EMEA, Janssen) discuss their study which investigates the factors that impact viewer satisfaction in educational videos.

Initially, Mr Burke gives an organisational perspective of ecancer. He then mentions that this article looked at four viewer engagement and satisfaction ratings in order to examine any differences.

One hundred and twenty-three videos were examined in total recorded at six separate conferences over two years.

Mr Burke further explains the results of the study and explores the different video formats which affect viewer satisfaction. He mentions that this study shows that the funding source for these videos does not impact viewer satisfaction.

In the end, Dr Hofstädter-Thalmann and Mr Burke discuss the significance of these findings.