Highlights from AORTIC Cancer Genomics Conference 2021

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Published: 30 Mar 2021
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Dr Hannah Ayettey - National Radiotherapy Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Center, Accra, Ghana

Dr Hannah Ayettey talks to ecancer about the AORTIC Cancer Genomics Conference 2021.

Dr Ayettey kicks off by discussing the ways in which genomics have shaped clinical care and research but how unfortunately Africa has trailed behind due to aspects such as financial constraints, lack of knowledge and availability of adequate logistics.

She continues on to talk about some of the goals of the AORTIC Cancer Genomics Conference 2021, including the development of a network of scientists to lead genomics science in Africa, and the need to develop a research agenda for Africa.

Dr Ayettey then goes on to review some of the highlights of the conference, touching upon various key speakers and their research.

To conclude, Dr Ayettey explains the plan of action to achieve the goals set out at the conference, including to organise more local and regional conferences to integrate more researchers in Africa.