New findings in proteasome inhibitors for myeloma patients

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Published: 2 Jun 2011
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Dr Sagar Lonial (Emory University, Atlanta, USA): Dr Rafael Fonseca (Mayo Clinic, Arizona, USA): Interviewer - Dr Keith Stewart (Mayo Clinic, Arizona, USA)
Drs Lonial and Fonseca discuss the development of new drugs such as carfilzomib and pomalidomide. They talk about the outcomes of the on-going clinical trials looking at carfilzomib which seems to combine some of the benefits of a proteasome inhibitor with some of the benefits of other oral agents to prevent chronic long-term neuropathy. It’s good news for patients as there are more drugs to choose from, lower toxicity and more convenient schedules but patients sometimes become resistant to even the newer proteasome inhibitors. Dr Lonial talks about some new classes of drugs which are being developed to overcome these problems and then goes on to discuss a phase I trial on a humanised monoclonal antibody which could be a good add-on to lenalidomide and dexamethazone. Dr Fonseca concludes with a discussion on a recent large bone disease study which was a significant reminder of the importance of paying attention to bone protection in myeloma and mentions an on-going clinical trial which is looking at the use of surveillance with bone markers.