Latest in non-small cell lung cancer pathology

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Published: 6 Jan 2021
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Prof Benjamin Besse and Prof Albrecht Stenzinger

Prof Benjamin Besse (Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France) and Prof Albrecht Stenzinger (University Hospital Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany) speak to ecancer about the current landscape of non-small cell lung cancer pathology, and the current state of play for the interaction between oncologists and pathologists in this area.

They start by discussing testing for exon 20 insertion and other mutations in the EGFR gene. Prof Stenzinger comments that this is exciting from both a clinical and diagnostic perspective, explaining potential approaches to this scenario.

They go on to talk about best practice on sample collection and workflow between an oncologist and pathologist, and how results influence their choice of a therapeutic pathway. Both Prof Besse and Prof Stenzinger stress that communication is key before discussing the factors to consider with regards to turnaround times of results.

This leads them on to the pros and cons of liquid biopsy versus tissue biopsy and their advice on when is most suitable to use these methods. They close the discussion by talking about EGFR testing and resistance in 3rd generation TKIs.

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