ASH 2020: Targeted therapies in r/r multiple myeloma

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Published: 8 Dec 2020
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Prof Marivi Mateos, Prof Meletios Dimopoulos, Prof Meral Beksaç, Dr Shaji Kumar

Prof Marivi Mateos (University of Salamanca, Spain) chairs an expert discussion with Prof Meletios Dimopoulos (University of Athens, Greec)Dr Shaji Kumar (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA) and Prof Meral Beksaç (Ankara University, Turkey) on the latest in targeted therapy for multiple myeloma from ASH 2020.

They discuss all the updates from this year’s ASH conference regarding targeted therapies for R/R multiple myeloma including the FORTE, APOLLO, IKEMA, ICARIA-MM and MAIA studies.

They also touch on the latest in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma and discuss the use of immunotherapy and CAR-T cells.

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