ecancer special issue on immunotherapy

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Published: 3 Dec 2020
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Dr Nicola Fusco and Elham Sajjadi - European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy

Dr Nicola Fusco and Elham Sajjadi discuss a new ecancer special issue on immunotherapy.

This special issue represents a solid introduction and broad overview of immune-oncology research for physicians and researchers who may be less familiar with this novel field. The four articles from leading experts explore the studies and technologies underpinning the current immune-oncology landscape with a focus on the novel use of immune checkpoint inhibitors in the neoadjuvant setting, using triple-negative breast cancer as a paradigm.

Readers will also learn about the techniques and potential benefits of tumour microenvironment manipulation for therapeutic benefit, and more specifically ongoing strategies to potentially overcome cancer resistance to immune checkpoint blockade.

You can read the special issue in full here.