The ENA virtual meeting 2020

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Published: 4 Nov 2020
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Dr. Toni Choueiri - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA

Dr Toni Choueiri speaks to ecancer about the important highlights of this year’s ENA virtual meeting and how they can impact cancer research in the future.

He speaks about a few upcoming clinical trials that can play a pivotal role in translational medicine and winds it up by thanking the organisers for a successful, informative meeting.

Could you report on the success of the ENA 2020 virtual meeting?

Really, despite being virtual, very, very successful; really very charged with topics Saturday and Sunday. I enjoyed the keynote talks. There were several channels running at the same time. I enjoyed very much the personalised cancer vaccines – Dr Turajlic, Dr Wu, did a great job. This not just coming, this is happening.

The next generation targeted therapies in phase I and II studies are always highlights because you can get the first results known with new drugs and new mechanisms and see what you do when you’re going back to clinic, what things you may be focussing on to take. Sunday also was quite busy, quite interesting and started early. I liked very much the new targets in immuno-oncology and I was flipping between channel 1 and 2 looking also at approaches to overcome therapeutic resistance.

One of the highlights was artificial intelligence used in early drug development and how this could lead to clinical drug development overall. I was also flipping a bit with the PROTACs for treatment of cancer because this is coming. I finished personally with the cell therapy session which is really focussed in part on solid tumours which remain a significant unmet need.

A very, very good programme. I do want to congratulate Doctors Calvo, Gulley and Sellers on an excellent programme overall.