Development of novel inhibitors of KRASG12C

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Published: 4 Nov 2020
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Dr Kevan Shokat - University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, USA

Dr Kevan Shokat speaks to ecancer about the development of novel inhibitors of KRASG12C: a topic that was discussed at this year’s ENA 2020 virtual meeting.

Dr Shokat starts with talking about what kind of cancers can we find KRASG12C mutations in and why the development of these inhibitors is an important leap in the world of targeted therapies. He then gives recent updates regarding the development of these drugs, especially with regards to what was presented at the ENA 2020 meeting.

He says currently there is no drug out there but a lot of drugs are in phase I and II clinical trials right now. Dr Shokat winds it up explaining how these inhibitors can impact the future of cancers treatment and translational research.