Remodelling of Radiotherapy

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Published: 12 Oct 2020
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Prof Dr Ion-Christian Chiricuţă - Institute of Oncology 'Prof Dr Alexandru Tretioreanu', Bucharest, Romania

Prof Dr Ion-Christian Chiricuţă speaks to Dr Cristina Stefan about remodelling of radiotherapy at the Institute of Oncology conference at Bucharest.

In this interview he talks of how interdisciplinary attitudes play a role in treating cancer.

He says there are many factors that together, play a role in the effectiveness of the anti-cancer treatment.

Prof Dr Ion-Christian Chiricuţă highlights an important point regarding cancer care, saying that the quality of a treatment is dependent upon the education of the people making the treatment.

Treatment guidelines cannot guarantee a good treatment.

He further explains how radiation has adverse side effects on the patients and remodelling radiotherapy aims at lessening those side effects to a nominal level.

Prof Chiricuţă then talks about medical guidelines and their role in treating cancer cases and sheds light on how important assessing quality of life and taking personal initiatives is alongside following guidelines.

In the end he speaks about the future of cancer care in Romania and Eastern Europe and what is required to make the future better than before.