What is global oncology and what is the presence of global oncology in Europe

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Published: 12 Oct 2020
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Prof Cristina Stefan - Institute of Oncology 'Prof Dr Alexandru Trestioreanu', Bucharest,Romania

Prof Cristina Stefan speaks to ecancer about the presence of global oncology in Europe at the Institute of Oncology conference in Bucharest.

She first gives a few definitions of global oncology highlighting that a united definition still needs to be made.

She sheds light on cancer control as being one of the overarching themes in this emerging medical discipline especially since it is linked to a majority of cancer related deaths in low and middle income countries.

She then gives the aims and objectives of global oncology and why it should be important to clinicians and researchers worldwide.

Prof Stefan states that global oncology can combine worldwide clinicians and researchers to prepare for efforts against cancer and this phenomenon now, after the United States of America, is becoming more widely known in Europe as well.

In the end, she discusses the future of global oncology in Europe and how it can be helpful in the treatment of cancer.