CTC count as a prognostic marker for androgen deprivation plus orteronel or bicalutamide in mCSPC

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Published: 12 Jun 2020
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Dr Amir Goldkorn - Keck School of Medicine of USC, Los Angeles, USA

Dr Amir Goldkorn speaks to ecancer about results from the SWOG S1216 trial looking at circulating tumour cell (CTC) count as a prognostic marker for treatment with androgen deprivation therapy plus orteronel or bicalutamide in metastatic castrate sensitive prostate cancer (mCSPC) patients, presented at the ASCO virtual meeting 2020.

He explains that the standard of care in this setting currently is a combination of hormones with chemo or other androgen receptor targeting agents but that there is very little in the way of biomarkers that can help advise who will respond well to treatments.

Dr Goldkorn reports that there was a significant difference in response and progression between patients who had CTCs and patients who didn't, showing that the count was very much prognostic.

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