Role, relevance and participation of all stakeholders in oncology (3/4)

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Published: 11 Apr 2011
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Michael Baumann - ECCO President & Congress Chair; Jean Charles Soria - Scientific Co-Chair (ESMO); Peter Naredi - Surgery Vice Chair
Discussants underline the importance of the Patient Advocacy/EthicsTrack as well as that of Oncology Nursing which are fully integrated at the meeting to ensure the open discussion on issues of shared concern to cancer patients, advocates, and professionals as well the participation of cancer nurses in all programme sessions – imperative in identifying future directions aimed at improved patient care. They also anticipate important new insights in epidemiology and prevention which will also be central throughout the entire programme, the two-way translation between basic and clinical science, as well as managing, handling and integrating data overload in the ‘omic’ era.