COVID-19: Moving forward and learning from the coronavirus pandemic with a focus on Argentina

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Published: 2 Apr 2020
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Dr Eduardo Cazap, MD, PhD - Editor in chief, ecancer, President, SLACOM

Dr Eduardo Cazap speaks with ecancer about the COVID-19 pandemic in Argentina, and some of the historical discussions surrounding global health crises.

Initially, Dr Cazap outlines the situation in Argentina, specifically how they are handling COVID in the capital, Buenos Aires.

Dr Cazap then explores the historical discussions around preparing for a pandemic such as this, his conclusion is that there haven't been enough proper discussions, and they did not effectively couple health with socioeconomic consequences.

However, Dr Cazap ends on a positive note, and is hopeful that we can learn from this event and be better prepared for the next unexpected health crisis.

Read a consensus statement from Argentinian cancer societies here.