Using gastroprotectants to combat aspirin-related gastrointestinal bleeding

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Published: 29 Jan 2020
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Prof Angel Lanas - University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain

Prof Angel Lanas speaks to ecancer at the International Aspirin Foundation Scientific Conference 2019 in Rome about increasing the use of gastroprotectant agents to combat the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding from aspirin.

He explains that in order to improve the risk benefit for people who take drugs that could damage the GI tract (such as aspirin) we need to also prescribe more gastroprotectants for patients, particularly those that are already at an increased risk.

Prof Lanas acknowledges that patients in this population are likely to be taking a number of different medications but that it doesn't shy away from the fact that the medication is still necessary to combat any gastrointestinal issues.

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