Implementing evidence-based practice in low and middle-income countries

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Published: 28 Jan 2020
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Dr Aju Mathew and Dr Bishal Gyawali

Dr Aju Mathew (Welcare Hospital, Kochi, India speaks to Dr Bishal Gyawali (Queen's University, Kingston, Canada) at the Choosing Wisely: Value added cancer care for India event in Delhi about the differences in clinical practice between high- and low-income clinical settings.

Dr Gyawali states that implementing evidence-based practice should be mandatory for every clinician, as opposed to practising "textbook-based" medicine - which is commonly seen in low-middle countries (LMICs).

The experts also discuss the financial toxicities associated with cancer care in India.

They also evaluate the need for physicians to effectively interpret data from clinical trials, along with the need for patient education to eradicate common myths and taboos surrounding cancer care and treatment.