GLS1 dependency in MYC over-expressing multiple myeloma: New target for therapy?

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Published: 17 Dec 2019
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Dr Salomon Manier - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA

Dr Salomon Manier speaks to ecancer at the 2019 ASH meeting in Orlando about the dependency of the oncogene MYC in multiple myeloma.

He explains the background of the study, citing that the over-expression of MYC is apparent in approximately 50 percent of newly diagnosed patients and is associated with the progression of smouldering multiple myeloma to multiple myeloma.

Dr Manier describes the methodology of the study which aimed to identify the gene dependencies in MYC over-expressing cells by analysing large-scale knockdown screening.

He states that in MYC over-expressing cells, MYC was found to be dependent on GLS1 - which could offer a new therapeutic target for this disease type.