PARP inhibitors in metastatic breast cancer: The present and the future

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Published: 23 Oct 2019
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Elahe Salehi - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA

Elahe Salehi speaks to ecancer at the APAO 2019 meeting in Boston about the use of PARP inhibitors in metastatic breast cancer.

She explains that these agents are typically used upfront in patients who are positive for the BRCA mutation and specifies that olaparib is the main agent used in the clinic.

Salehi discusses the tolerability of this drug and some of the side effects associated with this type of therapy - especially with patients who have undergone multiple rounds of chemotherapy.

She concludes by outlining the future for PARP inhibitors in this disease setting - including the use of these agents in combination with other types of therapy and after platinum-based chemotherapy.

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