Shaping the future of metastasis - ecancer investigates

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Published: 14 Oct 2019
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Monique Biryiana - ecancer Medical Reporter, Dr Chris Bakal - Dynamical Cell Systems Team Leader, Patricia Pascual Vargas - PhD Student

In this episode of ecancer investigates, our medical reporter Monique travels to the Institute of Cancer Research in London to uncover some groundbreaking research on cancer metastasis.

Here, she visits the Dynamical Cell Systems Team, and meets the lab leader, Dr Chris Bakal. They discuss the importance of cell shape in metastasis and explore the current research that is happening in Dr Bakal's lab.

One of these projects is led by Patricia Pascual Vargas, who is investigating a specific gene responsible for cell movement. Monique and Patricia discuss this work, and the potential effect of inhibiting this gene.

This video was funded by ecancer, and developed in collaboration with the Institute of Cancer Research, London.