Targeted treatment of AML using T cell recruiting antibody constructs

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Published: 19 Jun 2019
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Prof Marion Subklewe - LMU Hospital Munich, Munich, Germany

Prof Marion Subklewe speaks to ecancer at the 2019 European Hematology Association (EHA) Annual Meeting about using T cell recruiting antibody constructs for the treatment of AML.

She explains that so far T cell recruiting antibodies have been used to target surface antigens, but these have the limitation of not having a restricted expression profile.

To solve this problem, Prof Subklewe explains that they have been doing preclinical work with a novel T cell recruiting antibody construct which recognises an infracellular target antigen - WT1 - and so has a much more specific and restricted target antigen.

Prof Subklewe concludes by saying that she hopes this promising new information leads to a phase I trial.

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