Highlights from IGILUC 2019

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Published: 8 May 2019
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Prof Hesham El-Ghazaly - Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Prof Hesham El-Ghazaly speaks to ecancer at the 2019 International Gastrointestinal, Liver and Uro-Oncology Conference (IGILUC) in Cairo about the background and highlights of this year's IGILUC conference.

Prof El-Ghazaly describes the three main aims for this conference, which include educating the younger generation, offering a platform for gastrointestinal, liver and uro-oncology researchers and raising awareness for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and bladder cancer - as these are the two most common cancers in Egypt.

Prof El-Ghazaly also looks forward to welcoming additional international collaborative opportunities as well as more attendees from around the world in the years to come.


It is important to talk about the eighth edition of the IGILUC, the International GI, Liver and Uro-oncology Cancer Conference. We held this conference about eight years before with almost 200 attendees and now with the progress of the conference we have this year about 2,000 attendees with about 45 international speakers. The concept behind this conference is mainly three main factors or aims – firstly, education of the young generation for the multidisciplinary activity in GI cancer, in HCC and in uro-oncology. The second thing is going for a platform for cancer research in these very, very important subjects. And the third, that we can go for an awareness strategy because you know that HCC is the most common cancer in Egypt and bladder cancer is the second most common cancer in Egypt. So because of this we must concentrate on these two subjects; we may go for better outcomes for patients in Egypt, either in HCC, in colon cancer and in bladder cancer.

What’s next for the conference?

We are usually looking forward to have more and more international collaboration and more and more international societies that gather here. This year we have three consensus sessions, one on HCC, one on metastatic colorectal cancer and the last one on prostate cancer. You are looking for live transmission from international areas, in the United States, in China, and [?? 2:00] the attendees. So we have people from Africa, this year we have our 20th participant from Kenya, and next year we want to invite more people from all Africa and also from China, from Taiwan and also from Western and Eastern Europe. So these issues are very, very important to have more collaboration internationally and also enhance the platform of research to gather all people in some areas. HCC is a niche area that may be the future of a lot of activity.