GU Debates 2019: Changing treatment paradigms for hormone-naïve and castration-resistant prostate cancer (1/2)

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Published: 10 Apr 2019
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Dr Eleni Efstathiou, Prof Peter Goebell, Prof Joaquim Bellmunt, Prof Thomas Steuber

Dr Eleni Efstathiou chairs a discussion with Prof Thomas Steuber, Prof Peter Goebell and Prof Joaquim Bellmunt on the recent data presented at the 2019 GU Debates in Budapest, with a specific focus on patients with prostate and urothelial cancers.

In this video, the group examine the holistic management of GU cancers - which include the assessment of patient co-morbidities, bone health and polypharmacy.

They also highlight the use of geriatric assessments as a multi-disciplinary tool, for identifying effective treatments for patients in this population.

The group also discuss the latest data on hormone-naïve and castration-resistant prostate cancer and how this data can contribute to the changing treatment paradigms for this disease.

Watch part 2 of this video which covers practice-changing developments in urothelial cancer here.

This programme has been supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Janssen Pharmaceutica (A Johnson & Johnson Company).