Sharing education for nursing in melanoma

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Published: 20 Nov 2018
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Dr Javiera Perez Anker - Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Dr Javiera Perez Anker speaks with ecancer at the EADO 2018 congress in Barcelona about the nurse course that was introduced at this year's meeting.

She outlines that the course was introduced to share knowledge and integrate these disciplines that work together on a daily basis.

She also discusses ex vivo confocal microscopy fusion which simulates a real biopsy.

ecancer's filming has been kindly supported by Amgen through the ecancer Global Foundation. ecancer is editorially independent and there is no influence over content.

For the first time we participated in EADO in a nurse course and the whole idea was to integrate different areas and work together because we can learn and share knowledge between each other. So the whole idea was to share and participate; it was a really participating course. It’s really important because nurses’ work is usually working together with us or even in research or in the surgical patients, post-operative patients who want healing. So the idea was to participate and integrate disciplines that really work together in a daily basis. It’s really, really hard to put them to each other to share and to share experience in their different points of view.

Ex vivo confocal microscopy is a really fascinating technique that has been in a long time but now we have a really new device that can use fusion mode. You can really have real HNE colours simulating a real biopsy in three minutes. So you take out the specimen, because it’s ex vivo, and then you scan it with a very, very simple stain protocol and you have in the same moment the real HNE and the correspondence of the tumour of whatever. So we are using it especially in skin cancer tumours but we are expanding that area and now we’re working in a lot of other fields of general pathology also.