A new partnership between OECI and ecancer.tv

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Published: 10 Nov 2010
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Dr Claudio Lombardo - National Institute for Cancer Research of Genoa, Italy and Alleanza Contro il Cancro, Rome, Italy
Dr Claudio Lombardo talks about the importance of effectively disseminating the goals, objectives and activities of OECI and how the new partnership with ecancer.tv will benefit information distribution. Dr Lombardo discusses the main working groups that OECI acts through, the support it is available to provide its members and how this will improve with a better network for information dissemination.
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Dr Claudio Lombardo - National Institute for Cancer Research of Genoa, Italy and Alleanza Contro il Cancro, Rome, Italy


A new partnership between OECI and ecancer.tv


Thank you very much indeed for giving us a couple of minutes just to explain the link between OECI and ecancer, but first of all about OECI. You’re the guy behind the work and you do all the stuff behind OECI, tell us about how you communicate at the moment.


Yes. I accepted the role of special assistant to the OECI President, Marco Pierotti, in 2008 in order to help him during his presidency. As soon as I took this position, I saw that there was the need to open the OECI that is the only existing network of European comprehensive cancer centres, now we have 73 members, the most important cancer centres in Europe, to open the possibility to better disseminate the activities and the goals and objectives of the group. As you know, we have our own ability to disseminate activity through our website but we have just 10,000 contacts each month and having a connection with ecancer medical science, it seemed to us, to open to the real e-community, cancer community, the possibility of knowing much more about the activities of OECI.


We work through four or five main working groups. As you know, we have the working group on bio-banks; another new working group on molecular pathology. Then we have started oncology projects and the accreditation and designation working group. We give special attention to the training activities that are performed by the education and training working group. Thanks to the agreement we had and we signed with ecancer medical science, now we can really support all the working groups in order to better disseminate the activity. Because we think that as soon as we organise a training activity and we attract 100, 200, 300 participants from our members and from abroad, it’s not sufficient. It’s a big effort at the end, after two or three days we have lost any possibility of disseminating to other interested participants the results and the activities coming from the discussion we have during our training activities. Thanks to ecancer in the future, probably, we will have the possibility to give to all the cancer community that are interested in the certain kind of training activity, to profit from a video interview or the entire session of a training activity; the same as for all the other main works of the OECI.


Claudio Lombardo, thank you very much indeed. I really appreciate it. We’re looking forward tremendously to this joint effort, this new partnership between OECI and ecancer, so thank  you very much.


Thank you to you and to ecancer medical science.