Autoimmune and infectious diseases among diffuse large B-cell lymphoma survivors

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Published: 9 Dec 2017
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Dr Tanaya Shree - Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, USA

Dr Shree talks with ecancer at the 2017 ASH annual meeting about a population based study, looking into increased incidence of autoimmune and infectious diseases among a large group of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma survivors. 

She goes on to say that these findings suggest that compared to survivors of other common cancers, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma survivors experience excess immune-related conditions, some expected (such as autoimmune hemolytic anaemia and thrombocytopenia) and others unexpected (such as fungal and viral pneumonias and diffuse connective tissue diseases).

This information suggests possible lasting effects of lymphoma and its treatments on the immune system and motivates further examination of immune function in diffuse large b-cell lymphoma survivors.

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