What are the successes of SIOG?

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Published: 22 Nov 2016
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Dr Demetris Papamichael - Cyprus Oncology Centre, Strovolos, Cyprus

Dr Papamichael speaks with ecancertv at SIOG 2016 about the successes of SIOG and the aims of future conferences.

He also discusses GI and gynaecological tumours in the elderly, and the use of cetuximab in colorectal cancer.

This service has been kindly supported by an unrestricted grant from Merck/MSD.

We have our annual meeting once again in November, this time in Warsaw. I’m delighted to say that we’ve been breaking records every year so the attendance this year has been higher than last year and the year before. Of course we’re looking forward to having even better attendance next year at our annual meeting.

At the moment I’m involved with two projects in the context of GI cancer in the elderly and specifically colorectal cancer. The first project relates to the use of cetuximab in older patients with colorectal cancer, with metastatic colorectal cancer. We’ve been trying to get to collect the data from the most important phase III randomised trials where patients received, at least in one arm, cetuximab and the plan is to look at all the patients but compare the over- and under-70s in terms of efficacy and toxicity for the use of cetuximab and panitumumab. So we’re looking at anti-EGFR therapies in this setting. There is very little prospective data to consider so hopefully this will be very informative in our everyday practice, for our everyday practice.